Fruit & Veggie Valentines

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. It’s such a fun holiday, and of course, I love all of the hearts associated with this day! When my kids were little, I had so much fun helping them make valentines for their friends.

One of the underlying goals of Nutrition From the Hart is to normalize healthful foods. Kids are bombarded with messages promoting foods and drinks that provide little, if any, nutrition. Nutritious foods don’t always get the same attention in our society. Finding ways to remind kids about healthful foods is one important way to nudge them toward a healthier diet. 

Now, I’m not saying there is no place in a healthy diet for sweet treats – I’m looking forward to having some chocolate hearts on Valentine’s Day myself. However, we want our kids to ask for heart healthy foods like fruits and veggies every day.

I created these Fruit and Veggie Valentines to subtly reinforce healthful foods in a fun way. They are available free in a number of formats to help all teachers and parents send a fun and loving message to their children on Valentine’s Day. Print the complete PDF packet, edit the PowerPoint pages, or edit and send the Google Slides electronically. You can even place the Google Slides into your Google Classroom and encourage students to send fun cards to each other.

Fruit & Veggie Valentine Cards
All Cards in 1 File
[PDF, PowerPoint]
Avocado Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Carrot Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Corn Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Eggplant Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Lettuce Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Pepper Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Pineapple Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Tomato Valentine
[Google Slides, PowerPoint]
Google Links will force you to make a copy with your Google Account. Please do not request access to the original file. Making a copy allows you to edit and share safely and responsibly. Thank you!

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