Getting To Know You Fortune Tellers

It’s back-to-school time!

I have so many memories about back-to-school time – as a student myself, as well as being a parent of two. In fact, my family is preparing for back-to-school time right now. There is the excitement of shopping for backpacks and school supplies, and picking just the right outfit for the first day of school. The challenge of waking up early for school after relaxed summer bedtimes.

Then there are the often mixed feelings about that first day – wondering who will be in my class? And what will my teacher be like? As someone who moved a couple of times during my school years, I remember those feelings being amplified when going to a new school – how would I get to know anyone?

Thankfully, teachers came through with trusty icebreaker games. I especially liked the “Getting to Know You” types of games, where you learned interesting facts about the other students. I still remember being fascinated when I learned something new about kids I’d known for years!

This back-to-school season, I thought I’d give back to all of you awesome teachers with an activity to help you and your students get to know each other. Fortune tellers are some of the most popular resources on my website – they’re quick, easy, and loads of fun.

So, I created these two Getting To Know You Fortune Tellers! Of course, since I created them, they come with a twist: the questions are about food and physical activity. This way, the fortune teller activity helps to work toward my mission of normalizing nutritious foods, as well as helping to make the connection between healthful foods and physical activity.

Getting To Know You
Fortune Teller #1
PDF File Download
Getting To Know You
Fortune Teller #2
PDF File Download

You can use the Fortune Tellers with the entire class, calling on individual students to answer. Or, have students play with a partner for several minutes, then switch partners. If you have remote learners, you can send these files to your students so they can complete the activity at home with their families.

For more information about using Fortune Tellers check out the following videos:

I hope that you and your students have fun using Getting to Know You Fortune Tellers to learn some fun facts about each other, while reinforcing the importance of nutritious foods and physical activity. Have a great start to the school year!

Getting to Know You Fortune Tellers  work toward the following nutrition education priority outcomes:

  • (K) Recognizes that food provides energy for physical activities.
  • (1) Identifies foods that promote good health.
  • (4) Identifies a variety of foods from each food group.


I’m trying to get the word out about my new classroom snack program that promotes fruits and vegetables during snack and lunch time. It’s called Rock-It Fuel! There are two ways to get the entire Rock-It Fuel program. You can get it as a part of my on-demand professional development training, or on my Teachers Pay Teachers Page.

This free fortune teller is just one small part of the Rock-It Fuel Program. Please enjoy and tell your favorite classroom teachers all about Rock-It Fuel!

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