Tom Turkey’s Shopping List

Normalize Healthy Eating, Get a Physical Activity Break, an Learn Math w/Money!

Thanksgiving time is such an important opportunity for children to enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits while celebrating a wonderful meal with family. Thanksgiving is not an appropriate time to say that one food is good and another food is bad. Food is an important part of human tradition and celebration. It’s time to enjoy all that a family meal can give to us.

That’s why we are going to choose to celebrate fruits and vegetables over the coming weeks! Sweet potatoes and cranberries help make the meal. Emphasize how amazing those foods are and help students build healthy food relationships with positivity and fun.

I created Tom Turkey’s Shopping List as a fun and meaningful way to normalize our seasonal fruit and veggie friends while learning how to count money and get physically active.

There are 4 different shopping lists to help your students jump, count, and spend on seasonal and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Download now and have fun!

Looking for more of Tom Turkey and his friends? Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers site where I have more than 30 pages of Thanksgiving activity and bulletin board fun starring Tom Turkey, Pumpkin, the Cranberries, Sweet Potato and more!

I hope you and your kids enjoy these resources. Happy Thanksgiving!


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