Fruit & Veggie Game Pack

Welcome to the Fruit & Veggie Game Pack!
One of the best things that any person can do to improve their overall well-being is eat more fruits and vegetables. I created this game pack to give teachers easy to use resources to help kids get excited about fruits and vegetables! I mixed together the ingredients for learning about and loving health-enhancing fruits and vegetables.

There are many ways to use the included lessons and printable resources. Here are two examples:

  • Choose a month to focus on fruits and vegetables. Create a bulletin board with the Self-Care Garden printables. Then, choose 1 or 2 fruit and veggie games to play each week.
  • Throughout the school year, choose 1 day per week to focus on nutrition education, like Fruit and Veggie Friday. Then, choose a game to play and have nutrition education discussions with your students using the questions on each game card to get started.

FREE Veggie Game Pack Printable PDFs:

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