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Fruit and Veggie Classroom Challenge

When my kids were little, I enjoyed bringing a healthy snack to school and extracurricular programs they were in – often with a discussion about the health benefits of the foods I had brought in. I remember one time, we had just picked apples at a local orchard and decided to bring those in, along with an apple slicer and dip made from vanilla yogurt and cinnamon. I expected the kids to love it – after all, we live in “apple country” with orchards all around us. I was shocked when about a third of the kids said they didn’t like apples. What?! I could hardly believe my ears. The truth is, these kids didn’t even want to try the apples. They were strange to them. Apples weren’t a normal snack.

A main focus of my nutrition education resources is to normalize healthy foods for kids. Like the kids in my son’s class, so many kids – and adults – don’t appreciate how nutritious and delicious nutrient-rich foods can be. Our society is loaded with messaging that promotes highly processed foods filled with sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients that are highly addictive. I believe that these types of foods are fine as occasional treats, but kids of all ages need more exposure to whole, minimally processed foods that give their bodies the nutrients they need to grow, learn, and be active.

Most kids are falling short of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake. With this in mind, I am bringing you a brand-new nutrition education resource, just in time for the new school year! 

Rock-It Fuel is a classroom-based nutrition education program designed to help your students understand why fruits and vegetables are so good for their bodies and encourage them to eat them every day.

The Rock-It Fuel program will help your students answer these essential questions:

  • In what ways are fruits and vegetables good for my body?
  • How often should I eat fruits and vegetables?
  • What are different fruits and vegetables that I can eat for a snack or at lunch?
  • Why are fruits and vegetables better than other snack choices?

Everything you need to run the program is in the Rock-It Fuel curriculum packet:

  • Educational posters for your bulletin board or classroom wall
  • A chart for keeping track of the class participation
  • Printable sticker sheets
  • Rock-It Fuel Fortune Teller
  • Family Information Letter and Packet including a LINK TO THIS VIDEO about healthy snacks

There are 2 ways to get the Rock-It Fuel curriculum packet:

  1. Enroll in my Teachable course that walks you step-by step through the program and gives you access to all of the materials:  LINK TO ONLINE TRAINING
  2. Purchase the Rock-It Fuel Program Packet without training through Teachers Pay Teachers: LINK TO MY TPT PAGE

If you haven’t taken my Nutrition Basics for Elementary Schools Online Professional Development, you can get both of these courses at a discounted price. Simply choose the “Nutrition Education Basics / Rock-It Bundle” on Teachable: LINK TO BUNDLE 

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Click to download the free PDF fortune teller.

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