Apple Season Movement Cubes

Back to school means a lot of things. In Central New York it means the start of apple season!

We’re lucky to have apple and pear trees in our yard, and they’re the inspiration for this month’s free teacher resources. Movement Cubes are print, cut, glue and fold tools that can be used in so many ways. This starter packet gives you just a few options.

Start with a chart full of yoga poses and then jump into Math Running Races. Use these instructional tools in the classroom for math-infused movement breaks or as a part of a lesson in physical education.

Here’s the best part… Your students will see red and green apples as they learn, move, and have a great time. We’re normalizing healthy food choices while we do other important work in the classroom!

The complete Apple Season Movement Cube Starter Pack is quick and easy to print and download in one 8-page PDF file.

Please share this link and the Movement Cube resources with all of your favorite people. Have fun!

If you love Teachers-Pay-Teachers, this download is also free on my TPT page.

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