Nutrition Education BINGO Boards

When my daughter was in primary school, one of her favorite games was Bug BINGO. She loved potato bugs, lady bugs, and worms (her favorite). She was a well-behaved student and never caused trouble in school, except for the day she chased a boy in the schoolyard with a handful of worms. I remember hearing from her teachers and thinking – that’s my girl!

Bug BINGO was a way for her to learn the names of new bugs and explore the natural world. We would play it over and over again. She’d carry a worn-out Bug BINGO card around the backyard and try to find all of the bugs on the card.

So, that’s the inspiration for the Nutrition Education BINGO boards I created for you here.

There are two types of boards. First, there’s a Refrigerator BINGO set. You can work as a family or give everyone a card. Each time you eat a food from one of the food groups, write that food’s name in a square. In a perfectly balanced meal, you will have 1 food from each group.

This is a great way to teach students what foods fit into each group and to emphasize the importance of eating foods from each group every day.

Next, we have a more traditional game of Fun Fruit BINGO. There are 4 different boards available. If you’re playing with a class of students, this means 25% of your class will win!

Print the number of boards you need. If possible, laminate the BINGO cards and let kids use dry erase markers to mark the fruits called.

The last page in the packet includes the food cards.  Print 1 of these cards, cut out the squares and then shuffle them up.

Why Fun Fruit BINGO? It’s important to encourage our kids to try as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. This game builds a fruit vocabulary and introduces kids to a world of nutritious foods. The more fresh fruit that they eat, the more nutrients they’ll consume and the less room they’ll have for empty calorie foods.

We don’t have to stop the BINGO fun with just fruit! Let me know if you find these cards useful and I can start working on cards for the other food groups.

Have fun and eat more fruit!

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