My on-demand training center is live!

Nutrition Education Basics for Elementary Schools: Backward-designing healthy eaters with fun and meaningful learning activities. [WEB LINK]

Are you looking to understand the why and how of nutrition education?

This workshop answers two essential questions:

  1. Why is nutrition education important for elementary school students?
  2. How can I start integrating meaningful and engaging nutrition education lessons with my students?

About this workshop:

  • Walk through evidence-based dietary guidelines, establish the overall goal of nutrition education, break down priority learning outcomes, and explore resources that are meaningful for students and realistic for busy teachers.
  • Get access to exclusive Nutrition From The Hart teaching tools designed to address learning outcomes for grades K-5. You’ll get access to Google Files that you can use with your students tomorrow!
  • Receive a certificate of completion for 1 hour of professional learning. Email or print your certificate and submit it to your professional learning supervisor for course credit approval.

Course price: $49.95

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Principals and Administrators… Pricing is available for groups of 15 or more!

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