Nutrition Education Fortune Tellers

When my daughter was in primary school, I was lucky enough to be able to spend time in her classroom. She had amazing teachers and every once in a while, they’d ask me to share a nutrition education activity. This was over 12 years ago (before the age of Pinterest) and I happened to see a fortune teller science activity when I was doing a google search for elementary school learning activities.

I took that idea, turned it into a fun nutrition education activity, and the kids loved it! After we played a few rounds with the fortune teller that I made, I had the kids use the template that I’m sharing today to create a do-it-yourself fortune teller.

They would draw a picture of their favorite fruit or vegetable. Then they filled the other spaces with the food’s name, why they liked the food, and then wrote a physical activity that they could do with the energy they got from the food.

My kids have outgrown this activity, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. I created a series of Fruit and Veggie fortune tellers as well as the Microsoft Word template for you to use for a DIY fortune teller.

I hope you enjoy this fun and easy way to get kids excited about their fresh fruits and veggies!

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